Our objective is to provide a service to the industry second to none and it is our intention to continue the progress made by us to date, by giving our customers quality work- on time and in a customer friendly manner.

Our approach is to bring total commitment in achieving promises made at the time of pre contract discussions, bringing contracts to a satisfactory conclusion, on time and within budget. Our success is reflected in the volume of repeat business.

At HRA Switchgear, we encourage all staff to keep an open mind about design details. The experience and expertise of our staff can be a major benefit to clients at design stage. When problems occur, we prefer to discuss such matters to develop a solution taking into account delivery and cost. By adopting this approach, we are able to avoid delays and escalating costs, thus maintaining our reputation as a co-operative and helpful organization.

In conclusion, by adopting these philosophies we can offer a service which has quality at its core. We can ensure value for money, with manufacturing techniques correctly executed. Our relationship with our suppliers results in an excellent service. Our labour ensures the highest standard of workmanship.